Ang ganda ng Municipality of Sultan Naga Dimaporo


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Dive into Sultan Naga Dimaporo!
by: Ayunan G. Gunting

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air? Look no further than Sultan Naga Dimaporo, a breathtakingly beautiful destination in Lanao del Norte, Philippines. Known as the “Fishing Ground Capital,” this municipality boasts abundant tourism opportunities, particularly in fishery and coastal activities. With a new year upon us, it’s time to add excitement to your life and explore Sultan Naga Dimaporo’s limitless potential.

With thirty-seven barangays and sixteen along the stunning coastal areas, you’ll immerse yourself in a water experience you have never seen before. It is home to numerous beaches with resorts offering sun beaches and cottages, showcasing coastal areas outside Luzon and Visayas.

Pikalawag Beach is a stunning hidden gem with soft, golden sands, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets. It is situated in Barangay Pikalawag and boasts the largest aquatic sports facility in the province. It offers exquisite scenery for relaxation and adventure, with resorts providing unforgettable water activities.

Another gem is Bangaan White Island, a stunning beach destination just off the coast of Sultan Naga Dimaporo, featuring powdery white sands, crystal-clear waters, and a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

For those seeking a different water experience, SND Beach Resort provides a pool and function halls for various events. The resort also offers room accommodations for those looking to stay overnight in the destination.

Going outside the water experience, one of the most exciting events in Sultan Naga Dimaporo is the Tulingan Festival, which takes place yearly to commemorate the municipality’s founding anniversary on the 4th of October.

This week-long celebration is a significant highlight in Lanao del Norte, luring visitors from far and wide to experience its exquisite scenic views and animated activities. The festival features various events, culminating in the highly anticipated Tulingan Festival Dance Competition.

This event is the ultimate display of Sultan Naga Dimaporo’s breathtaking beauty and abundance, with a powerful message about men’s crucial role in preserving Mother Earth and protecting against illegal fishing. But that’s not all – it’s also a terrific opportunity to raise environmental awareness and celebrate the rich fishing heritage of the community.

What’s more, schools and clustered barangays within the municipality come together to ignite fierce competition, showcasing the vibrant cultural diversity of the region. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

If you are a sports enthusiast, Sultan Naga Dimaporo also has something incredible in store for you. The municipality hosts the prestigious “LaNorteMan Triathlon Series,” which attracts triathletes from various parts of Mindanao and beyond. The swimming, running, and biking courses perfectly blend challenge and beauty. The stunning views and friendly locals make for an unforgettable experience. These courses are designed to push you to your limits and leave you feeling accomplished.

The Local Government Unit has also launched the “Tulingan Man” event as part of the Tulingan Festival’s week-long celebration to promote triathlons. The event is organized for aspiring triathletes within the municipality, offering them an opportunity to exhibit their skills.

It’s worth noting that Sultan Naga Dimaporo is the hometown of the esteemed “Tri SND Barracuda,” recognized as the best triathlete in the Philippines, who has brought honour to the municipality through numerous victories.

Finally, to explore one of Sultan Naga Dimaporo’s best economical offerings, you can try the Turmeric Powder Production at Calube. Their product is widely distributed in different pasalubong centers and partnered establishments, making it a perfect souvenir to take home. The Barangay Calube Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative initiated the production in 2014 with the Office of the Congressman of Lanao del Norte (2nd District) assistance.

So, whether you’re a nature lover, sports enthusiast, or simply looking to relax, Sultan Naga Dimaporo has something for everyone. It’s a magical place that deserves to be explored and experienced.