Beauty is never skin deep with Skinlogics


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Beauty is never skin deep with Skinlogics

Passion, innovation, and cooperation—these are the words that CEO Josephine Taojo uses to describe the triumphant ascent of Skinlogics to new heights.

In today’s saturated beauty market, standing out requires more than just offering run-of-the-mill products. It demands ambition and a bold spirit to introduce fresh, innovative solutions that resonate with every individual’s unique beauty journey. Fortunately, Miss Taojo embraced this challenge, turning her vision of providing exceptional products and services in Iligan City into a tangible reality.

Fueling this ambitious dream was her passion for connecting with potential customers. Even as she burned the midnight oil studying for her LET Board exam in 2017, she knew that her hard work would pay off. And it did! Just a year later, in December 2018, Skinlogics opened its doors with a team of six dedicated employees.

What began as a modest skin station has blossomed into a comprehensive one-stop shop. Skinlogics now offers an impressive array of over 400 skincare and body care options. But it doesn’t stop there. In September 2022, they expanded their services to include 172 aesthetic treatments and rejuvenation services. From nails and lashes to cutting-edge machines and semi-permanent makeup, Skinlogics caters to every aspect of beauty. Their offerings even extend to indulgent experiences like foot spas, massages, body scrubs, jacuzzis, and saunas.

“We can assure you that you are in good hands because estheticians, licensed therapists, registered nurses, and managers undergo training since the beauty industry is constantly changing and we are here to keep up with it.” Miss Taojo assured everyone who might be interested in checking her clinic.

Miss Taojo emphasizes that clients are in capable hands. With estheticians, licensed therapists, registered nurses, and managers undergoing rigorous training to stay abreast of the ever-evolving beauty industry, Skinlogics stays committed to keeping pace with the latest trends and techniques.

As the business continues to evolve, Skinlogics invests in cutting-edge technology. New machines enhance the customer experience, providing a beauty journey like no other. Collagen beds, cocoon treatments, and emerald lasers are now part of their offering to their locale. Premium lash and nail machines sourced from Thailand complete their repertoire. And for those seeking body tightening and slimming services, Skinlogics delivers newly improved treatments.

Beyond the cutting-edge equipment, Miss Taojo places utmost value on her dedicated team of employees. They are the backbone of Skinlogics, ensuring that the clinic consistently delivers on its promise of exceptional service to customers.

“That is why national and international training is provided, along with exams, monthly meetings, and morning huddles, to guarantee that Skinlogics is always on its A-game,” Miss Taojo said.

This commitment to employee well-being is integral to Skinlogics’ philosophy—a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. It’s not just about the latest gadgets but it’s about nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. By harmonizing innovative technology with genuine care, Skinlogics aims to unlock each customer’s innate beauty, celebrating their uniqueness and overall well-being.

With the recent opening of its second branch, Skinlogics is poised to revolutionize beauty and wellness in Iligan City. Having grown up in the area, Miss Taojo understands the community’s needs. She’s determined to make premium services accessible without the inconvenience of traveling elsewhere.

Skinlogics’ second branch, situated at 2/F G3 Bldg 3, Luna St., Saray, Iligan City, is a testament to this commitment. Here, clients can expect the same excellence they’ve come to associate with Skinlogics. The clinic boasts a resident aesthetic doctor, state-of-the-art machines, and an enhanced nail arrangement—all designed to elevate the customer experience and exceed expectations.