Solid like a rock in Rockwell Athletica


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Solid like a rock in Rockwell Atletica


I’ve been hitting the gym just as intensely as I did before the pandemic. But the driving force that pushes me to work out daily is the community. The social interaction with other members is what I enjoy most.

Before the pandemic, I was an active member of this high-end health club.  It was so spacious that were many spots for social interactions. Eventually I created a network and gained clients in PR. The pandemic changed all that.  Yet, it became too expensive to keep a membership.

The facilities in my gym are too basic and don’t help meet my fitness goals. Most of the condo dwellers are not into serious workouts. I exercised in other gym chains but I didn’t gain anything from their cookie-cutter approach.

Recently, I moved near Rockwell Center. One morning Beaver Lopez, vice-president of Rockwell Land and president of the Rockwell Club which oversees all its fitness/wellness facilities, invited me to check out their commercial gym, Rockwell Atletica.  The gym was originally designed to serve office workers around Rockwell Center. It  has since been attracting people from neighboring villages, models, celebrities, and influencers.

Rockwell Atletica is a five-minute walk from my house. When I stepped in, I immediately liked the vibe. The crowd is vibrant and very focused on becoming better versions of themselves. The facilities are spotless, the staff is welcoming, the trainers are knowledgeable, and the equipment is current. The air is clean from the ionizers and filtration systems installed. The restrooms are spacious and well-maintained as well.

I immediately felt that this kind of environment is value for money to members. Coming regularly makes a difference in their lives.  The basic membership rate is Php 3,000 a month which gets discounted if you buy a package.

Aside from the standard strength and cardio equipment, Rockwell Atletica also has a studio that can host a variety of activities. One of which are the free weekly members’ classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Pound, Dance, and HIIT. It’s also one of the few gyms that offer physiotherapy for rehab and muscle recovery. This is especially valuable for people who have overworked their bodies and/or have injuries.

Rockwell Atletica meets my fitness goals of building my stamina to be efficient and productive. The club boasts of highly-qualified coaches who pass the strict entrance tests.

Yet, as a creature of habit, I prefer to work out on my own. I stick to the free weights and resistance machines from Technogym, the world’s top brand for gym equipment.  Each day, I do 10 different exercises for a different body part.

My favorite exercises are pumping 25 kg of bench press, 20 kilos of bicep curls and 25 kilos of leg press. Between sets,  I break into dance just to relax.  The equipment is frequently sanitized by the efficient housekeeping team.

Working out in the gym as boosted my l resilience. I’ m not just fit in body but better equipped in soul.

Address: 2/F 38 Rockwell, Rockwell Center, 38 Rockwell Dr, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila

Phone: 0917 809 2488