Magic ‘s in the air with Madcafe Mindanao


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Magic’s in the air with Madcafe Mindanao!
by: Ayunan G.  Gunting

Get blasted into an otherworldly food place like no other in the heart of Cagayan de Oro! Madcafe Mindanao, an Encanto-themed café, is the talk of the town, capturing the hearts of families and food enthusiasts alike in its grand opening.

Entrepreneur Gila Salvador-Arellano’s latest venture is conceived to be more than just a gastronomical experience but a magical haven that nurtures imagination and offers a familial space in the city.

With the tagline “Cafe for All,” Madcafe Mindanao promises everyone an inclusive and welcoming experience. Their Filipino Comfort Food menu caters to every food preference, including a pork-free and alcohol-free menu.

Championing diversity among others, they have performed extensive research and development to accommodate Muslim traditions, ensuring that the menu meets the various demands and preferences of the community.

But that’s not all because Madcafe Mindanao is about more than just food. It’s an experience that prioritizes creating a welcoming environment for families. With facilities like a play area and a prayer room, the café ensures everyone feels comfortable and included.

“It has always been our dream to expand Madcafe to all parts of the nation, and we are excited to open our first Madcafe branch in the Mindinao region,” she said.

Their menu is bursting with a variety of dishes and drinks that will leave you wanting more, from their signature Sunrise Steak Bowl, Smoked Bangus, and Beef Rendang to their Plant-based Sisig, exclusively prepared for the cafe.

What makes them much more remarkable is their extensive range of coffee-based drinks, milk tea offerings, and branch-themed drinks designed to resonate with the vibe and energy of the city or region. For example, if you visit Madcafe Mindanao, you can try out their branch-themed drinks and their Pepa’s Blend and Isabella Frappe.

The Madcafe Mindanao team has poured their hearts and souls into creating a welcoming atmosphere for families, especially those with children. With careful planning, safety measures, and sanitation protocols, the café strikes the perfect balance between indulgent treats and healthier options.

Despite the challenges of setting up and operating a themed café in a new region, Madcafe Mindanao has received tremendous support from the Madcafe CDO Team, the local government, and a supportive customer base.

‘With the support and hard work of the Madcafe CDO Team, local government and a supportive customer base, we have high hopes and confidence that the Madcafe Mindinao branch will flourish and be a mainstay in the community,” she said.

They aim to establish Encanto as a permanent theme within the community to preserve its enchanting and vibrant atmosphere for customers to relish and cherish.

“We are looking forward to the branch’s success and for it to be a go-to space for families and friends to spend time together and create new memories,” she said.

As the business starts to enchant every Mindanaoan and tourists, they promise to strive to stay connected with their customers to comprehend their dynamic demands better.

“We look forward to learning more about the Mindanao region’s needs always to introduce new and exciting flavours and tastes that will keep customers engaged and coming back for more memories together.”

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the enchanting world of Madcafe Mindanao, located at Masterson’s Avenue, Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro!