Rockwell is in the process of elevating its wellness services


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Fitness is no longer just about pumping iron or achieving the ideal summer body. The industry is now making a shift toward a more holistic approach to fitness that integrates physical exercise, mindfulness, and well-being. The emphasis is not only on improving one’s psyche, but also one’s performance.


“Rockwell is in the process of elevating its wellness services and facilities with these emerging industry trends in mind,” says Manol Ereneta, Wellness/Sports/Leisure Manager of Rockwell. As Rockwell Atletica turns six years old, the brand will focus on overall health and wellness with the integration of both Western and Eastern practices. “Our goal is to turn Rockwell Center into a hub for health and wellness,” says Ereñeta.


The gym’s direction is to promote exercise and recovery programs that cover the entire fitness spectrum, as well as to foster an inclusive community of members seeking to be the healthiest versions of themselves. Their services cater to everyone from seniors undergoing physical therapy to athletes working to improve athletic performance. “Members look forward to looking, feeling, and performing better than they ever have before,” he says.


 Rockwell Atletica has been collaborating with industry experts such as doctors, therapists, and nutritionists. The gym invested in a comprehensive body composition technology. This allows coaches to not only determine their client’s baseline, but also to track their client’s progress throughout the program with data-driven analyses.


Continuous learning and development programs for Rockwell coaches have also been implemented. This ensures that their skills and knowledge are always up to date given that health and wellness is a constantly evolving science. Ereneta explains, “We want to complement our world-class facilities with world-class services.” Hence, the focus on developing the coaches alongside all other enhancements.


As a proof its success, Rockwell Atletica has maintained a high retention rate of clients training with its team of coaches. “Clients stick with a coach for two reasons: they see results and enjoy their sessions,” says Ereneta. In fact, some coaches have been working with the same client since Rockwell Atletica opened in 2018. This is a reflection of the efficacy of their services and relationships with their clients.


Ereneta recommends training consistently with a coach for at least three months. This would be the minimum amount of time for you to start noticing significant changes in your body. Exercise is not just about working hard, but also about working smart. Coaches are there to help their clients achieve the results they want in the most optimal way possible. “They provide tailor-fit programs to ensure you are doing the right things for you,” he says.


Further diversifying their offerings, Rockwell Atletica now also offers access to a variety of sports facilities on top of its gym. Members now have the option to play tennis, pickleball, badminton, squash, basketball and golf (simulator). Not only does this add even more value to your membership, it also gives members a chance to explore other physical activities to integrate into their increasingly active lifestyle.


In all, Rockwell Atletica encourages a proactive training approach to boost wellness and productivity while making your fitness journey as enjoyable as possible.